Easy Hungarian Yellow Wax Peppers

The Hungarian Yellow Wax Pepper is extremely easy to grow in your vegetable garden. Small plants will often have small peppers already on them when you bring them home from the nursery. Before you plant, make sure there is plenty of manure in the soil. Always make a $10 hole for that $2 plant for a really nice and plentiful harvest.

Hungarian Yellow Wax Peppers mature in about 45-50 days. Next to radishes, they’re one of the earliest garden vegetable plants that can be harvested. These peppers require about 6 hours of bright sun each day to grow well.

Always keep them well watered. The pepper itself is only mildly hot, so it’s useful in a variety of recipes. The plants like lots of fertilization, so you can use a good half strength liquid plant food about every other watering. This should give you peppers throughout the summer. Watch the video for more information.

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