Drip Irrigation for a Square Foot Garden

Drip irrigation is one of the most efficient ways of delivering water to your vegetable plantings. Combining this with the already resource-efficient technique of square foot gardening gives you a combination of resource efficiency unmatched by almost any other method.

What’s always necessary in drip irrigation systems is a very good water filter, like a stainless steel filter, because any particulate impurities in your water supply will clog the very tiny holes these watering systems use. A pressure regulator is also required because these systems need about 30 psi of pressure. Unregulated higher water pressures would blow the fittings apart.

Connecting the system components is usually by compression only and hand tightening is the rule. No tools are needed. Drip lines can be run directly to each vegetable planting as needed. These systems use a minimum of water because they deliver it directly to the base of each vegetable you’ve planted, so nothing is sprayed into the air or otherwise wasted. See the video for more techniques and tips.

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