Avoid Broccoli Buttoning

Broccoli is a cold weather crop. It likes cool weather and will keep growing well into fall. If the plant is stressed anywhere along its growth cycle, even while it’s growing in a pot before planting it in your vegetable garden, it will do something that’s called “buttoning“. That’s what broccoli plants do just before they go to flower, which is what broccoli will do eventually if left to its own devices.

Check your broccoli plants carefully before you buy them at the nursery. If you already can see miniature broccoli flowers on small plants in containers at the store, don’t buy them. What happened was they were already stressed in the container. You’ll never get the big head of broccoli you were growing it for. If it happens while it’s in your garden, cut off the heads and harvest them. If you leave them there they’ll simply flower and not be very edible. Watch this video to see what you should watch out for.

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