Dividing and Transplanting Lettuce

After a few weeks in the ground, the lettuce you planted will be at the “baby-greens” stage. You could simply stop right there and harvest them out of your vegetable garden as is. On the other hand, if you’d like to harvest out larger heads, you will need to divide and transplant your lettuce plants to give them more room to grow so they will get larger.

First, carefully dig them out and gently separate them. Lay the plants on the ground. Try to do this on a day when it’s not too windy so they don’t dry out too quickly. Make a small cut in the ground with your garden trowel about an inch or so deep, enough to get the seedlings roots into the soil and no more. Space them about 4 inches apart in long rows.

If you’re short on space just cluster them in around your other garden plantings like peppers or tomatoes. Water them in gently but thoroughly, and especially well if the wind is up. They will really take off after you do this, so long as they continue to be watered well and consistently.

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