Determinant and Indeterminant Tomato Plants

You may have seen on the seed packet or seedling label the terms “determinant” or “indeterminant“, and probably wondered just what those terms meant. What they refer to is whether or not that particular tomato plant will reach a determined height or just keep on growing indefinitely, so long as it gets sunlight and enough water in your vegetable garden.

The determinant plants may also be called bush or patio varieties. The determinant variety of tomato is actually well suited to smaller spaces and is perfect for container gardening, and doesn’t usually need a cage or support system. Determinant plants also bear all of their fruit all at once.

On the other hand, the indeterminant varieties will keep on growing. They will also need either a tomato cage or a trellis to keep them supported, as they can get very tall. Indeterminant tomato plants also bear fruit continuously, so long as they continue to grow. Watch the video here to see more.

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