Creating Fertile Garden Soil

If you’ve begun your garden bed by overturning an area of sod in your lawn, there are some things you need to do in order to make that dirt underneath into nutrient rich garden soil ready to grow vegetable crops. First, you need to get any loose soil off the roots of the sod, then transfer all of the sod and any plant materials into your compost bin.

Now comes the fun part–well, not really. You will need to dig down with a shovel by what’s called “double-digging“. What that means is that you dig out the soil to a depth of 12-18 inches and set that dirt aside temporarily. Then add about 6 inches of compost and manure into the excavated bed.

Next, add the dirt that was set aside back in and thoroughly mix them together with either a garden fork or (my favorite) a small rototiller. If your soil has a large amount of clay in it, add some sand to help improve drainage, which is the other important aspect a good quality garden soil must have. Watch this video to learn more.

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