Compost Tea for Your Garden

Fertilizing Your Vegetable Garden Soil

Compost tea is one of the most concentrated and nutritious fertilizers you can use in your vegetable garden soil. This is different from anything that’s sold through the home and garden stores that more than likely are made from chemicals. Your vegetable garden soil benefits most from organically derived fertilizers because they are more balanced.

Serve Your Vegetable Garden Soil Some Compost Tea

Compost tea (also known as manure tea) is completely organic and is both simple and inexpensive to make yourself. First, you’ll have to start with your own compost, or if you can buy it, worm compost which is even richer in nutrient content. Take a few cups worth and put it into a 5 gallon bucket, and fill it with about three gallons of water. Stir well and either let it steep overnight, or you can use an aquarium air pump and an aeration stone and bubble air through the liquid for about 12-24 hours. Filter off the liquid through a large coffee filter and store in a cool place until you need it.

Create the Most Nutritious Vegetable Garden Soil You Can

Start to regularly feed your garden vegetable plants with it. For instance, you can use about one cup’s worth of compost tea every 3 weeks or so to regularly feed your tomatoes. This can be applied either directly to the surrounding soil to enhance the soil, or directly to the leaves with a pump sprayer. The plants growing in this kind of highly nutritious vegetable garden soil will thrive. Your vegetable garden soil will also not be depleted over time of any trace nutrients. The vegetable garden soil you create this way will get better with each passing year.

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