Compost: Is It Done Yet?

Just when is that compost going to be ready? Shouldn’t it be done by now? It’s been 2 weeks! Well, maybe not quite. Depending on your local conditions and temperatures, as well as the mixture itself and how it’s being composted, it can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months to get your finished compost and be able to add it to your vegetable garden. It’s ready when you can take a shovelful and not really recognize anything that went into it. You might see some pieces of husk or stems, mostly woody items that will continue to degrade in the soil but just take a lot longer to do it.

Good compost looks pretty much like really good dirt. It’s 100% organic material, lacking any minerals except maybe calcium from the eggshells you might have added. Take your finished compost out (most likely last season’s) and move it so you can start a fresh batch for this season. A 5 gallon bucket’s worth of compost added every year to a 4 by 8 foot bed will keep your garden beds plenty fertile. See the video here for more information.

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