Common Gardening Mistakes

Let’s face it, if we’re smart, we try to learn from our mistakes. A better way is to learn from other people’s mistakes. Many first time gardeners learn the hard way about doing certain things to their vegetable gardens that they wish they hadn’t.

Take watering for instance. Many beginning vegetable gardeners often over-water or under-water their plants. The surface of your soil may look dry, but go in a few inches and feel around. If the soil down there is damp (but not wet) then it’s just fine. If it still feels dry, go ahead and give them a good watering and then back off for a few days and check the deeper soil again. Once you are able to get a sense for the watering and drying-out cycle in your garden bed, you’ll feel much more confident.

Another common mistake is planting large vegetable plants too close together. Plants with vines in particular need plenty of space to spread out. If they’re too crowded, they just won’t grow very big because they will compete with each other for the limited amount of nutrients available to them. Watch this video to learn more.

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