Grow Carrots in a Bucket

If you suffer from the packed clay soil that so many gardeners do, sometimes trying to grow certain vegetables forces you to figure out a way around this problem. Clay soils just don’t grow many vegetable varieties well. Especially with root vegetables, it becomes a particular challenge because for your carrots to grow a nice long straight root you need soft and friable soil, not the concrete that passes for soil in many parts of the country.

A very simple solution to the problem is to grow your carrots in buckets. This is a container version of raised bed gardening done on a micro scale. You can take seedlings planted a few weeks earlier and place them quite close together in a 3 gallon bucket containing a good composted soil  or potting mix. In 6 to 8 weeks you can have 12 inch long carrots ready to eat. See the video to learn how to plant and grow carrots in these buckets.

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