Caring for Garden Cucumbers

Everybody loves cucumbers, either sliced into salads or converted into pickles. Either way, they’re a great vegetable garden staple. Growing them is fairly easy. They do need a lot of sun and some space to spread out.

If you’re growing cucumbers in pots, make sure that the soil that you use is sterile. If you’ve grown cucumbers the year before using a batch of soil and experienced some blight or fungus, throw that batch of soil away and buy fresh. If you’re re-using old containers, make sure you wash them with soap solution, rinse them well, then soak them in a 1% bleach solution for 30 minutes and rinse again to kill off any fungus that might still be hanging around.

Now, one particular variety of cucumber is called “Pot Luck” that seems to do well in baskets or smallish containers. They only get to about 5-7 inches in length, but if you have space constraints anyway, these are one of your better choices. It puts out a lot of cucumbers throughout the season. Give them a space in your vegetable garden where they will receive about 6-8 hours of bright sun daily. Use a well draining, peat and perlite soil to keep your plants well drained. Check the video here to learn more.

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