Compost Basics

Composting is such a good idea, if for no other reason that it gives you a place to get rid of garden waste, excess grass clippings and weeds other than putting it into the municipal waste stream. You might have some misconceptions about a compost pile, like it will smell bad. In fact, a well built compost pile will not smell at all, provided you don’t put the wrong kinds of things into it. Composting is an integral part of organic vegetable gardening.

Compost degrades by aerobic (oxygen) bacteria and fungi to break down the waste into simpler things that will fertilize your vegetable garden soil. Garbage smells because it usually rots, that is, it breaks down anaerobically (no oxygen), and this often gives off sulfur and nitrogen containing molecules which can smell very badly.

You can add any type of vegetable or plant matter, as well as egg shells, but make sure that they are well mixed with any preexisting compost matter already in the pile to give the whole thing a good start. If what you’ve added is wet, add in some dried organic material to help distribute the water evenly and that the whole mix is moistened but not wet. See the video for more details here.

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