Broccoli Basics

We all know that broccoli is good for us because it keeps us in good health if we eat it regularly. Broccoli is packed with natural substances called phytonutrients. The medical community believes eating it regularly will help us ward off disease and keep us healthier. So it’s good to keep it in our diets, and it’s delicious in so many dishes.

If you follow a few basic rules, it’s very easy to grow broccoli in your vegetable garden. Broccoli plants produce flowers that are yellow in color when they’re fully mature, but we harvest them to eat in their unripened state. Harvesting broccoli is accomplished very easily by cutting off the flower stalk in the center.

Broccoli grows best in cooler weather, so plant it in early spring and harvest it in early summer. Try to avoid buying plants that have been stressed, as they tend to button and go to flower right away. Broccoli plants tolerate cold extremely well, so if you happen to plant some later in the season, don’t worry if they get hit with a little frost. Broccoli doesn’t mind at all. See this video for more details.

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