Growing More Tomatoes

After you’ve planted your tomato plants, what should you do to give them everything they need to produce the most abundant tomatoes? One simple and easy thing you can do for them is to eliminate the weeds around them.

Weeds compete for soil nutrients around your tomato plants that they need to thrive. Make sure to mulch around the plants very well to help keep the soil cool and to keep the weeds from establishing themselves. Hot bare soil lets weed seeds germinate more easily.

Using newspaper as a mulch underlay works extremely well because it holds in soil moisture, and it forms a really good organic barrier to weeds both in the soil that haven’t come up yet, and to weed seeds that might wander in. It also decomposes gradually as compost.

Place about 1-2 inches of bark or other mulch on top of the newspaper. Make sure that the newspapers you lay down are all around the plant right up to the stem. Water everything very well. The bark mulch will break down and help build your vegetable garden soil over time. See this video for tips and pointers.

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