Aphid Control With Bugs

Aphids are one of those vegetable garden pests that scare you when you start to think about the possibility of your plants being infested. But did you know that the humble Ladybug is their natural enemy?

Adult Ladybugs are capable of eating 5,000 aphids, while Ladybug larvae each consume 50-60 aphids each day! They can be ordered on line and will arrive (dormant) in the mail. Make sure that you thoroughly surface water your plants, then water the Ladybugs in the bag they come in before you open it up. Watering activates the Ladybugs and brings them out of their dormant state.

Sprinkle them on the plants in more of a shady spot. First, they’ll rest for awhile, but then they’ll go to town and start eating every aphid they can find. An added benefit to your garden is that Ladybugs are territorial and will tend to stay where you introduce them. So if your neighbor has aphids and is hoping that the Ladybugs you bought and introduced to your vegetable garden will somehow migrate over his way, well, he’s in for a bit of a wait. Take a look at the video for a discussion of some of the other beneficial insects that gardeners should know and love.

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