Welcome to the About page! My name is Mike Eis, and I’ve started this website as a way to further my own education about basic vegetable gardening. I’m hoping to share what I learn with those of you who are interested in our site and who visit regularly. My wife is also a contributor and who checks my work for accuracy, since she has degrees in both horticulture and plant pathology. Both of us enjoy growing our own vegetables in our backyard garden, and every year we do something just a bit different to see how it turns out. Some years we’ve been truly amazed, while other years were a little disappointing. No matter what, we both have a lot of fun and experience great enjoyment from watching our vegetable plants gro. Eating what we grow is our ultimate reward.

The format I’ve established for this site centers on either some brief, informative articles and some short instructional video content, or some brief gardening news I feel you’d be interested in knowing. A beginning gardener will quickly and easily be able to find basic information on this site about most aspects of growing their own garden vegetables. While this website will continually be a work in progress, my focus will always be towards the beginning gardener. Whatever your own motivation might be for wanting to grow your own vegetables, I sincerely hope that this website will grow into a valuable information resource for you.