A Drip Irrigation System for Your Raised Garden

Watering a raised bed garden is a little more critical than watering an in-ground vegetable garden, only for the reason that because the soil drains well it needs to be watered a bit more frequently. If you could automate this necessary chore, gardening in your raised beds would become that much easier.

I have to admit, when I saw this I wanted this setup for myself. They started by attaching a timer, filter and regulator to their four-plex manifold. This is essentially robotics using water! What I also liked about this system was that the components connected and locked together, so they couldn’t come apart and accidentally cause a flood. You can serve several raised beds with this tubing, and what’s nice is you can bury it beneath the ground so you don’t have coils of tubing all over the place. It’s truly out of sight and out of mind. The solid distribution lines are about 5/8 inch, while the soaker drip lines used on the soil in the container are 1/4 inch and snake through the raised bed targeting the base of each vegetable planting, for a maximum distance of 15 feet for each . This is really cool! Check out the video here to see it for yourself.

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